Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Its better to be shot dead rather than listening to d irritating same lecture(of any specific subject/teacher).

Two scientists, a microbiologist & a molecular geneticist are on a plane taken over by d terrorists. The terrorists tell them that to make their point they'l have to kill one of them & toss the body out of the plane before making any demands or dealing with authorities. They tell the two men that they will have 10 minutes to convince the terrorists that the other man should be shot by explaining the importance of their field and why mankind would suffer if he were dead.The microbiologist stands up and speaks for 10 minutes about bacterilogy, parasitology and virology. He tells them that he is vital to the medical field as he supplies clinical data that is crucial in making decisions on patient care. His 10 minutes pass quickly and the terrorists listen quietly nodding to themselves. The geneticist stands up and says i would like to take few minutes to discuss with you the power of 'yeast genetics'. At this point the microbiologist jumps up and yells 'Shoot me now, Shoot of now'..
Hav u ever irritated(gone mad) listening to any specific lecture @school/college/ univ?
Did u get it............if not, youvn been to yeast genetics lecture..lol