Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Microbiology and Valentine's day

Microbiology and Valentine's day..
1.Adenine proposing Guanine, 'Baby, you know mismatches are made in heaven'. Lets get bonded this Valentine.

2. Trichomonas vaginalis wants to go date with whom?
-Penisillium notatum.

3. I do not compromise anything to taq you.

4. Lonly ATGCATG proposing congenial TACGTAC.
Before i met you i was lonly uncomplete and single stranded. I would like to pair with you.

5. Please would you be my valentine and go with me today for Candle light dinner at Candle Jar?

6. E. coli proposing Bacillus thermophilus 'Baby, you are hot'. Will you be my valentine?

7. Please would you be my co-enzyme and help in my co-metabolis?.

8. Baby, i can't wait to conjugate. And believe me i do it with culture and senstivity.

9. Pseudomonas aeruginosa went to Anaerobic Jar (for suicide) because P fluorescens rejected his proposal.

10. I got Babiosis when i met you.

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i.m a microbiologist. said...

well,it should be posted on Feb 14.